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Which Spray Gun should I buy for my project?
Sounds like a simple question to answer but is more complicated than you think. The rule is the paint is the boss and you have to purchase a paint sprayer that the paint being sprayed requires to achieve the required finish. You must consider the following when choosing a spray gun:
  • The amount of paint solids.
  • Domestic or Commercial Coatings.
  • Two Pack Coatings.
  • Roof Membranes and Waterproofing Coatings.
  • Tip size to spray the coating.
  • How many guns you want to use at once.
As you can see, there are many questions that you need to consider, so always ask an expert first before purchasing.
Should I buy online?
You can if you know exactly what you want and the equipment is fit for purpose.
However, if you are not sure, never buy online. Once you have used it, you own it. Online suppliers will gladly post you a box and leave you with the headache when things go wrong, so if you can purchase from a local supplier who will back up what they sell, always purchase from them.
Will the Graco Magnum range spray Roof Membranes?

No. For Roof Membranes, use a Graco 695 or bigger.

How do I know if my Sprayer will spray a particular paint product?

Always refer to the manufactures relevant Product Data Sheet under Airless Spray Application. This information will tell you the what Tip Size and Sprayer is recommended. If the manufacture hasn’t got this information the the their Product Data Sheet, maybe consider using a different brand of product to ensure correct spray application.

What size generator should i use for my Airless Sprayer?
The bigger the better. I recommend a minimum of 5 KVA. Please do the following to help avoid damage to your sprayer.
  • 5 KVA Generator.
  • Run a spotlight/radio at the same time to keep voltage up to required level. This will help assist power surge.
  • Use a Power Board with surge protection.
  • Unravel Extension Leads to prevent voltage drain.
Warning: Even then, things could still go wrong, so use Gas/Petrol Sprayer preferably.
Should I buy a 110 Volt Sprayer from overseas?
No, Never purchase a 110 Volt from overseas. Australia has a 240 Volt electrical grid and Electric Airless Sprayer that are imported into Australia are certified for use in Australia.
Using a Electrical Converter on a 110 Volt sprayer will make it operate, but illegal as you have no warranty or  insurance if things go wrong. Death or serious injury is a real possibly, so never use a 110 Volt sprayer in Australia no matter how good a deal it was.

"Dealing with Aussie Spray Guns, I found myself coming away with the confidence and knowledge to start spray painting with ease. Mark helped me decide on the right machine for me and what my needs were. I’m certain I’ll be dealing with Aussie Spray Guns for a long time, great value, expert advice and a good small business. Five stars"

– Ben O’Malley

"Mark Venn has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to paint and decorating. He understands your budget, project requirements and provides recommendations to suit. Mark instils confidence in first time/inexperienced painters, showing them how to use and care for their spray machines. He is very supportive of more women getting into the industry which is a welcome change."

– Bernadette Mariados

"Mark undeniably the titan in the industry, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - don’t waste your time elsewhere. Whether it's the purchase of a spray gun or an accessory Marks knowledge is second to none. Will definitely be back. 5+ stars from us."

– Julie Mitcheson

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